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The SWARM™ Approach

Utilizing the SWARM™ service model, we obtain a clear direction when conducting investigations due to the open communication with all the departments. For example, this open communication means that if subrogation identifies a possible recovery, investigative services can then focus its attention on the best way to gain evidence to support potential recoveries.

Core Principles of the SWARM Process

  • All Hands on Deck - All functional areas receive alert of the claim instantaneously upon the report of a claim.
  • Rapid Response - Personnel are typically dispatched to the site of injury within 4 hours of the first report of claim.
  • Efficient Resource Deployment - While the claims adjuster generally controls the entire SWARM process, a specific functional area of the SWARM is deployed as the lead resource to address pertinent issues based on the nature of the injury reported.
  • Early and Accurate Determination of Compensability - The SWARM process is centered on striving to achieve early and accurate determination of claim compensability.
  • Open Communication Lines - All functional areas are able to prompt counterparts in other departments to evaluate additional information if the nature of the claim appears to be suspicious. For example, the claims adjuster may request the SIU personnel to evaluate additional information on-site upon a more detailed review of claimant information.
  • Real-time Analysis - The state-of-the art technology platform enables the SIU personnel to conduct real-time medical canvassing / identity checks on-site and communicate findings to the claims adjuster.

Benefits of the SWARM

  • Injured Workers Return to Work Quicker
  • Claims Administration and Resolution Costs Controlled
  • Claims Resolve and Close Quickly
  • Rapid Targeting of Insurance Fraud Detection


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