Client Service Center: +1 877 886 4334

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Phone payments are accepted by contacting our Client Services team Toll Free at 1-877-886-4334, Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm EST.
  • Credit cards accepted are Visa (max $4000), MasterCard and Discover. Fees are assessed based on the amount of the payment.
  • Electronic checks (E-Checks) are accepted; no fees are applicable.
  • Mail payment to the P.O. Box address indicated on your invoice.
  • Send a request for us to process a single payment via E-Check or credit card for a specific amount via email to [email protected] or via Fax to 954-449-6481. Please send a copy of a voided check or the credit card (with cardholder name, billing address, expiration date and CVV code).
  • You can view policy payment information by clicking here
  • If the effective date of the cancellation has passed, then underwriting review and approval will be required in order to reinstate. Making payment will not guarantee reinstatement approval.
  • Your agent should assist with contacting the underwriter to request approval to reinstate and if approved, assist you with complying with the requirements.
  • Payment can be accepted by mail or by phone at toll free 1-877-886-4334.
  • Medical bills can be submitted to this address:
    P.O. BOX 1160
    CANONSBURG, PA 15317
    FAX (724) 745-6960
    Customer Service (888) 350-1150
  • *Nevada residents must send their bills to: 2654 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy PMB 270 Henderson, NV 89052
  • To expedite the processing, please include the claim #, Employee’s social security number, Date of Injury and Employer Name.
  • Contact the adjuster named in the correspondence you have received,
  • Or, contact our Call Center Toll Free at 1-877-886-4334 to find out which Regional Claims Office is handling your claim.
  • If you are a medical provider, contact MCMC Customer Service Toll Free at 1-888-350-1150.
Mail the bill with any related medical notes to us in care of our bill review partner:
P.O. BOX 1160
FAX (724) 745-6960
Customer Service (888) 350-1150 or fax it to MCMC at (724) 745-6960.

To expedite processing, please include the Claim Number, Employee's Social Security Number, Date of Injury and Employer Name.

  • Please mail additional documentation to your claims adjuster.