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Staffing Program

Staffing Program

Target Accounts

    • Nursing/ Healthcare
    • Accounting
    • Legal Assistance or IT Staffing
    • Engineering or Architects
    • General Office Work

Underwriting Considerations

      • Must be In business for 3 years or more
      • 250K Minimum Premium; 25k Minimum in Southeastern or Midwestern states
      • Less than fifty class codes
      • Must provide an active pre-hire screening and post-accident investigation process
      • PUI must approve all new clients
      • Must use Pay-As-You-Go premium and payroll reporting

Minimum Submission Guidelines

  • Signed ACORD Application and Staffing Supplemental Application
  • 3-5 years of Currently Valued Loss Runs
  • Current List of Clients

Staffing Program Coverage Map

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Staffing Program Supplemental Application

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